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The many pleasures of Lagos ….. III

It had been a standing Buckley family tradition. Beverly and Banji knew their holidays always entailed a beach visit with their friends amongst other fun events and packages. This christmas was no different as the adolescents hurriedly packed their beach knapsacks into the family car.

‘Mum, please bring some sunscreen for me. I’ve exhausted almost mine’ Beverly called out to her mum as she put the family beach bags into the car. Her best friend, Sally, was going to need some as well, she thought aloud. They had been friends since their kindergarten days and became closer after Sally lost her mother in a plane crash 2 years ago.

‘Okay dear. Come and get a new one so you would not have to bother me when next we’re going to the beach’ ‘Motola called back. Bev’ did a small ‘boogie’ dance and dashed into the house to meet her mother.

The men shared a small joke about the vanities of women and how life would assumedly have been a lot easier if all humans were male.

As the Buckleys tidied up their beach knapsacks, their friends, the Egbedas (Sally, her younger brothers – Ife and Tola) as well as the Lawsons (Banji’s girlfriend Biola and her elder brother, Kola) settled into the Buckleys’ SUV and the umpteenth trip to the beach began.

The Buckleys and their friends made a rather noisy trip, as was typical of them, to the beach. Their voices were much louder than the stereo system of the car and Mr Buckley ensured he had his earplugs on to help him concentrate on his driving.

As the Ford SUV made its way into the beach, the Buckleys made a deafening noise and Olumide had to pull over and ask that all the occupants of the vehicle get down.

Notwithstanding daddy’s ‘anger’ at their noise, the “Bs” and their friends jumped out of the car. Banji and the guys hurried off to fix their tables and, also, to arrange the lunch boxes and drinks on the tables while Beverly and Sally went off to find an empty tent. This was for them to comfortably hide away and gossip about their boyfriends and other ‘throbbing’ issues that were dear to their hearts.

As the young ladies quickly got away from the rest of the party, Olumide and ‘Motola settled into their chairs and began to talk about several issues ranging from ‘Motola’s choice of the beach to the boring music they had listened to just as Olumide pulled up the SUV.

“what has Jeremy been up to? Has he finally taken you to see MALIBU DATES?” asked Beverly. Malibu dates was the most recent movie she had seen and because Jeremy had sworn to take Sally out to see it, she turned Beverly’s invite down lat week. “No, he hasn’t” replied Sally. “he has been vey busy” she added” “I see” added wn unbelieving Bevely ” Sally has a nasty habit of making excuses for Jeremy.

The family time-out indeed turned out very well. Everyone of them had more than enough to eat, all thanks to ‘Motola. Also, all the young men had as much as they desired to drink courtesy of Olumide. As they munched their meals and gobbled down the wine, everyone went on to pass comments about the generosity and timeliness of the Buckleys’ timeouts.