The many pleasures of Lagos ……… VI

The blood drained from her face as she saw her husband come in……”Olumide” ………. she whispered.

He was a sight to behold. he had a bandage wrapped around his head. He looked like he had been stung by a bee around his left eye. It was swollen and he could barely keep the eye open. His right arm was in a sling and he was in obvious pain.

“Why did you come? she said while trying to get out of bed but a firm and stern voice re-echoed “madam, you can not get up yet”.

“Don’t worry Omotola, I have come to you. I am sorry my love. I should have listened, I could have killed everyone of us. I feel so stupid. i don’t know what I was thinking”. As he said these words, he made to sit at her side on the bed. ‘Motola reached to touch his arm and as she did, tears rolled down her cheeks. Olumide was not one to quickly admit his faults and his sincere apology touched her beyond what words could say.

“Olumide, I should have insisted. I am sorry too. My poor judgement led us to this. I really should have insisted”…………”no please, don’t say so ‘Motola. It’s all my fault and you can not imagine my joy that everyone is safe. We are the only ones with injuries dear. Our kids came out without any scratch”.

Really? Oh, thank God…. as she made to hug her husband, she touched his slinged arm and his spontaneous reaction was a frown and a little sound…”oh I’m so sorry” she said, still reaching out to him. “Olu, please don’t be so hard on yourself and we should be grateful that we are the only injured ones. Imagine if Beverly or Banji had injuries and we were without any, would you forgive yourself? I forgive you wholeheartedly and now let us focus on getting better”

Olumide smiled and was about to say something else when Atilola’s voice rang into the hospital room. “where is ‘Motola? she asked, shoving the nurse who stood near the door out of her way. She half-ran towards the bed and made a face as she saw ‘Motola with her plasters and dressings. “oh my!”
She stopped short in her stride and clasped her hands together. ‘Motola looked at her and smiled as broadly as she could. “Atilola, it is not as bad as I look. It’s just because the wounds are still fresh. They are really just small injuries..”

Atilola looked at her in shock and could not bring herself to mutter anything. Her gaze said it all. A myriad of thoughts spun through her head. Could they really be minor injuries? Why were there so many nurses in her room as if they just won a long battle to save her life? what could be going on? Is ‘Motola being economical with the truth about the extent of injuries she had sustained? As she thought about all these, tears flowed down her cheeks……’Motola, don’t tell me any lies, please let me know. Are you okay? is there anything I can do? I could call Abayomi, you know. We could transfer you to his hospital……”

“No, Atilola, it’s the truth. I am and do feel better than I look. Please stop the teary show and come over here. I could use a bear hug right now and, eh, just watch the dressings” she said and they both burst into laughter.