The many pleasures of Lagos ……… V

“No ma’am, please rest your self. you can not stand up just yet” a male voice calmly said to her. She attempted opening her eyes but her eyes were met by the most unfriendly bright lights, she had to quickly shut her eyes.

Where could I be? am I dead? why is there so much brightness here? where is everyone else? where’s Banji and Beverly? Where’s Olumide? What is going on?…these and several other thoughts raced through her mind. She made another attempt to open her eyes and this time she had some luck but with a lot of discomfort. A glance around confirmed her fears. She was in a room full of unfamiliar faces and several gadgets.

“Where am I? what is going on here? where are my children? where is my husband?” she asked all in one breath and with obvious pain. “Please calm down ma. There had been an accident and fortunately, you all survived. All other members of your family are in recovery. Motola’s head spun for a little bit. An accident? How? … then it all came back.

As they made their way back from the beach after the usual time out, there had been so much noise in the car as the kids kept giggling and chatting about what else they would like to add to the usual family time out. They had argued about the need to spice the outing up so it would not become a boring family tradition. Olumide was at the wheels. He had taken a few drinks and despite her insistence on driving since she hadn’t taken any drinks, he drove all the way back.

“Where did we have the accident? do you know what really happened?” she asked after she had finally gotten a hold of where she was. The male nurse went on to tell her how they had run into a stationary 16-seater bus that had broken down on the road. The impact of the crash was so much that it sent the bus off the highway and their car also somersaulted before finally resting in a ditch. From all he said, she could only understand that the accident could very well have claimed their lives but for the well meaning passersby who dialed the 737 emergency line.

The nurse went on to reassure her that her injuries were not as bad as they looked. He also went on to say she would need 12 stitches on her left thigh where she had a cut and she would also need to carry a cast for a while on her left arm.

“When can I see my children? are they injured? do they have to carry casts as well?” she asked with a tinge of anger. She was angry that she had not insisted on driving them back and she was angry that Olumide had also insisted on driving. Now she had to be in a cast because he didn’t listen to her. She was furious and as she made to utter another sentence, she heard some noise at the door and she saw Olumide limp in through the door after what seemed like a minor tussle with the uncooperative hospital staff. One look at him made her anger subside.